Contents Creative, Media Power

M-media is a comprehensive public relations agency.
We help unfold a business future that our customers dream of through a broad
infrastructure and system of public relations on a brand new level.
M-media goes beyond advertising and establishes history for the business and their personnel.
Major media organizations and over 100 companies both in Korea and overseas share their vision with M-media.
M-media supports powerful media and content marketing by publishing the lifestyle magazine,
RAMEDE and Ultra V, a beauty magazine that focuses on the Korean wave.
M-media generates the sincerest plans and the finest content through a combination of photos, videos, design,
text, and platforms. Experience the strength of a powerful media kit and a differentiated content.

Powerful Digital Marketing

At M-media, you will encounter the future of marketing that is led by data science.
We have the expertise to develop brand recognition and reliability and create revenue by targeting the global market.
Experience the advanced prediction analyses and digital creative strategies that move the hearts of consumers.
We provide the most advanced machine learning that is perfectly in line with the customer's marketing goals
to optimize the conversion rate and to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency marketing through outstanding data prediction analyses.
Target marketing that differentiates customers and obtains insight is M-media's core technology.

Fast Viral Marketing

There are often times when the desired advertising effect isn't achieved in spite of having good content due to lack of reach.
M-media optimizes search and exposure for contents that have potential to go viral. We analyze the time, targets,
and channels that are required to effectively distribute content, and spread the content both online and offline at a lightning speed.
Real-time monitoring induces instant reactions and performance indices are constantly monitored until the promotion goal is achieved.
The ability to use one source in a variety of ways is the advantage of marketing with M-media. (One Source, Multi Use)

Silk Road of Distribution

M-media doesn't simply stop at simply advertising products and companies.
We guide you to channels through which you can sell and distribute your products.
As a company with public confidence, we will connect you to a distribution network
of major media organizations and telecommunications companies in every country.
Take off on the reliable and sustainable silk road of distribution.

M-media Inc.

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